November 2020
November 1 – Daylight Saving Times Ends
November 1-4 – Mt. Olivet Baptist Church “4 Nights of Spiritual Renewal”               
November 2 – Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer 12 Noon and 8 PM (EST) Virtual Prayer Gatherings
November 1-23

CONNIE MAXWELL CHILDREN’S HOME FOOD DRIVE…Please BOX your groceries before you deliver to KBA.  Boxed goods will be accepted from .

Typical items on a week’s grocery list for a cottage of 8 children:

1 lrg squeeze bottle each of mustard and ketchup             1 box facial tissue

1 lrg jar mayonnaise                                                            Deodorant 

1 64 oz Canola Oil                                                               toothpaste                                            

6 Vienna Sausage                                                              8 white bath size bars of soap 

6 canned meats –tuna, chicken, etc.                                  1 lrg pkg paper napkins 1 28 oz jar peanut butter

Canned soups                                                                     1 28 oz jelly

6 16 oz cans fruits & vegetables                                         1 Gallon bleach

5 lb bag sugar                                                                     1 bottle dish detergent                          

1 lrg bottle of syrup                                                              1 lrg dishwasher detergent       

1 32 oz jar pickles                                                                1  lrg laundry detergent      

8 rolls bathroom tissue                                                         1 gallon fabric softener                       

150 ct pack of foam plates                                                   3 bottles of cleaning supplies

3 rolls paper towels         

November 12 – Listening Forum with Black Pastors at 7pm (at the River Church 2024 Haile St. Camden)
November 12 – Better Halves Meeting at 6pm (at the KBA Missions center)
November 17 – Pastors Conference at 11am (location to be announced)
November 23 – Deadline for Connie Maxwell
November 26 – Thanksgiving Day – KBA Mission Center Closed


1 – BLACK non-retractable pen (no wire clip and no other color ink)

1 – Writing Tablet no larger than 5-1/2” x 8” (absolutely no wire bound or composition books)

1 – Adult Toothbrush (individually factory-sealed, no multi-packs)

1 – 4oz to 6 oz. Toothpaste (no travel size)

1 – 3.2 oz. to 6 oz. Bar of Soap  (no travel size, no unwrapped/unboxed bars)

2 – Rolls of  Hard Candy like LifeSavers, Mentos, Breath Savers  (NO Smarties, Sweetarts, Necco wafers, Rolos, Starburst, TicTacs)

3 – First-Class #10 STAMP-EMBOSSED (pre-printed stamp) Envelopes from the US Post Office (no regular stamps, no other size envelope)

1 – gallon size zipper bag with SLIDER SEAL. (only 1 gal size, no other size bags accepted. All items must fit with zipper securely closed.) Please DO NOT include washcloths, toothbrush holders, floss, soap dishes, combs.

There will be no volunteers distributing the packets due to the pandemic, but we do need a volunteer to take packets to Shandon Baptist Church, Columbia, on Monday, December 7, by Noon.
November 29-December 6 – Week of Prayer for International Missions